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If you’re like me, your home’s design is very important to you. In fact, in many ways it defines you. You’re not alone in this feeling. It’s so prevalent that scholars have studied this phenomenon. They agree that the home you lived in as a child affects most of the aesthetic choices you make as an adult. 
Your adult homes are strong symbols of how you see yourself now and who you dream of becoming. When looking at houses, people nearly always gravitate toward a certain home because its design brings up deep feelings about their identity and childhood experiences. 
Whether you see yourself as elegant, sophisticated, artsy, traditional, non-conformist, bold, creative, or some of each, these blogposts are designed to provide food for thought about how you want your next home and community to look and feel. 
Each week the blog will focus one of three categories:
1. Featured Home: Posts highlighting a home representing a specific historic or contemporary architectural style.
2. Featured Urban Art: Posts highlighting our communities’ public murals, 3-D pieces, and urban art events.
3. News and Trends: Posts about new ideas in residential building and interior design.
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